About Us

"Inspecstar LLC Home Inspections Services" was Founded in 2014 and is a seasoning company that has a long history in the making. I first started working residential construction 37 yrs. ago, and out of those 37 yrs. I have worked 25 yrs. In residential construction and remodeling. During that time I have worked in many specialized areas of residential construction. Including, but not limited to: footers, foundations, basements, complete house framing. Complete electrical services, plumbing systems, whole house insulation, drywall hanging & finishing, painting, flooring hardwood/vinyl/carpet/ceramic tile, custom cabinets, trim carpenter, form carpenter, concrete flat work, window & door installations, exterior sidings, roofings, complete additions. Hence I can personally build a residence "from the ground to the key". In addition to my on the job experiences I have earned three Degrees in the Home Inspection Field. I was first Certified as a Home Inspector by "Penn Foster School" in 2007, and Re-Certified by Allied Business School" in 2014, as well as being Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors in 2015.
I started this company so I could share my combined knowledge of experience and education with people who are considering buying or selling a residence. "CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND". My goal is to help buyers and and sellers alike, reduce their risk and increase their chance of a Gratifying transaction. The Inspecstar Inspection Report is designed to help you learn and understand as much as you can about the property you are considering buying or selling. This knowledge will significantly reduce your risk and make the entire buying/selling process less stressful, as well as, helping to eliminate possible problems that could delay or loose a purchase or a sale. Call for your Free Estimate Today. 731-336-4173